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Superficial veins, those that are close to the skin’s surface, can suffer from the same problems as deeper and larger veins. Because of their small diameter, though, these veins aren’t as obvious as varicose veins. They’re called spider veins due to the weblike appearance they can create, and you may first notice the problem as changes to your skin’s smooth appearance. Spider veins aren’t usually harmful on their own, but they can be an aesthetic issue, giving your face a permanently flushed appearance or creating patches of tired and old-looking skin on your legs. The good news is that spider veins respond well to a treatment called sclerotherapy. Dr. Kamran Afzal and his team at Afzal Clinics are spider vein specialists, with over 200,000 procedures to our credit. We can help you when you want to eliminate the appearance of your spider veins. How spider veins form Veins are the blood vessels that return blood from the body to your heart and lungs. Because the effects of the heart’s pumping action provide little assistance to blood moving through the veins, they feature a series of valves along their length. These valves prevent the backward movement of blood. When damage prevents the valves from closing completely, blood starts to pool, putting pressure on walls of the vein. This stretching and pooling leads to the characteristic appearance of spider veins. They can be red, blue, or purple, forming tangled webs that show through the translucent outer layers of your skin. Though spider veins cause aesthetic issues, they usually aren’t accompanied by pain or other symptoms, and they don’t require medical treatment. You may decide to have them treated for cosmetic reasons. Treating spider veins Several treatment methods can effectively eliminate spider veins. At Afzal Clinics, we typically recommend sclerotherapy. It’s a minimally invasive approach that uses your body’s own waste elimination systems to remove the unwanted vein tissue that causes your skin’s mottled appearance. Sclerotherapy requires a simple injection of an irritant into the target spider veins. This irritant causes the vein lining to swell and stick together, blocking any blood flow, and form scar tissue. Your body automatically creates new blood vessels to assure that surrounding tissue stays healthy. The scarred spider veins become unwanted tissue, which your body naturally absorbs. Your spider veins disappear over the next few months. What to expect Your sclerotherapy appointment usually takes less than an hour, though this depends on the number of injections you need. Dr. Afzal matches the chemical irritant to the veins being treated, delivered through a very fine needle. You feel a pinching sensation that’s sometimes accompanied by a feeling of warmth or slight burning that passes quickly. Depending on the extent of your treatment, we may recommend compression wraps or stockings for a few days after your treatment. We provide you with aftercare instructions at the time of your procedure. With offices in Woodbury, Edina, and Fridley, Minnesota, to serve you, there’s an Afzal Clinic site near you. Call or click to schedule a consultation with your preferred location. Now is the best time to deal with spider veins, so you can put your best skin forward in the new year. Make an appointment today.

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