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Great skin requires excellent hydration, and few things can boost your skin’s glow better than a Hydrojelly™ mask. The team at Afzal Clinics offers Hydrojelly masks as one of many medical aesthetics treatments designed to help you look your best, and office locations in Fridley, and Edina, Minnesota, make it easy to book a visit close to you. Call or click to check appointment availability.


A Hydrojelly mask represents the next generation of peel-off face masks. Though traditional peel-off masks were sticky, thin, and somewhat painful to remove, Hydrojelly masks give more than they take from your skin.

These masks begin in a powder form, but when purified water is added, the mix becomes a thick, jelly-like consistency. It’s applied to your skin and then slowly begins to solidify. As the particles in the mask begin to bond, they create a vacuum effect, pushing the mask ingredients deep into your skin.

Most people are unaware that one of the primary causes of dry skin is electrolyte imbalance. Electrolytes are minerals like sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. They work to regulate your skin’s pH levels and maintain moisture. 

Without the right balance of electrolytes, your skin cannot absorb or retain water. This leaves skin feeling dry, and dryness can lead to flaking and cracking, which leaves your skin vulnerable to infection.

Like many facial treatments, getting a Hydrojelly mask begins with an application of hot towels to open your pores. This step of the process is also incredibly relaxing and gives you a chance to breathe deeply and focus on this time you’ve set aside for yourself.

Next, the Hydrojelly mask is mixed and applied to your skin. Unlike most masks that avoid your eyes and mouth,  Hydrojelly masks are applied across the entire surface of your face. The only area left exposed is your nostrils. The mask will not harm your brows, eyelashes, or the delicate skin on your lips.

Once the mask solidifies in about 15-20 minutes, the entire mask can be gently pulled off the surface of your skin, leaving very little residue behind. Your skin is carefully cleansed to remove all traces of the mask, and you’ll be able to feel the moisture boost right away.

If you’re curious about what a Hydrojelly mask can do for your skin, call Afzal Clinics to book an appointment. Online scheduling is also an option and takes just a few moments to complete.

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