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While the method of delivery is the same, the goals of injectable cosmetic treatments cover a remarkable range, including minimizing lines and wrinkles, under-chin fat removal, adding volume to facial features, and stimulating the rejuvenation of skin tissue. The team at Afzal Clinics recommend getting injectables regularly, alone and in combination, to their patients who want to reduce the signs of aging while revitalizing their overall appearance. The following four product categories represent the most popular requests we receive from our medical aesthetics clients. Botulinum toxin type A Approved for cosmetic use in 2002, Botox® may deserve the credit for the current popularity of injectable treatments, which add up to over 7.5 million procedures nationwide every year. In the 20 years since its Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, other treatments based on the botulinum type A neuromodulator have joined Botox. These aren’t clones of Botox, but rather unique formulations, each with their own properties that, like Botox, relax expression muscles that have become semi-permanently contracted over the years, creating active wrinkles. As the muscles release, the overlying skin smooths out, and lines like crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and between-the-eyes worry lines vanish for months. Dr. Afzal uses both Botox and Dysport®, based on your preference and the properties of each product to give you the most effective and longest-lasting treatment. Dermal fillers Muscle-based active wrinkles are only part of the problem when it comes to the lines on your face. Most result from a combination of issues, from voids in the proteins in your skin’s middle layer to increased dryness and laxity of surface skin. When these conditions combine, you develop lines and wrinkles that follow the tissue loss. It’s a problem that sits above the muscle layer, producing passive signs of changing skin conditions. This is where the Juvederm® family of dermal filler products excel. Hyaluronic acid (HA) exists widely throughout your body, attracting and trapping moisture, lubricating and nourishing surrounding tissue. Synthetic forms of HA form the basis of Juvederm’s injectable gels. Each product has specific applications, filling voids and adding volume. The result is refreshed and visibly smoother skin. Collagen induction One of the most common proteins in your body, collagen forms the middle layer matrix that supports and nourishes your skin. While HA dermal fillers work with the collagen layer in a support role, the poly-l-lactic acid formulation of Sculptra® fillers also interacts with collagen. While Sculptra works in the same way as other dermal fillers, it also stimulates the production of new collagen tissue. This is a healing ability your body retains throughout your life, but it’s a system that needs a trigger, such as a cut or scrape. Sculptra’s formulation also triggers new collagen tissue. You not only gain the effects of an effective dermal filler; new collagen adds volume and often extends the benefits of your treatment for months longer than other filler products can. Submental contouring Double chins can affect anyone, regardless of their body mass index. Often a genetically inherited trait, under-chin fat deposits have a way of prematurely aging your profile. It can even strike before you show other signs of aging skin. The first and only product of its kind, Kybella® uses another protein, deoxycholic acid, to literally dissolve fat cells under your chin. Delivered by injection, Kybella triggers a process that compromises fat cells, which then flush from your body, leaving behind a chin and neck profile without added bulges. With three Minnesota locations, there’s an Afzal Clinics office near you. Contact us to arrange a consultation to learn more about your injectable treatment options. Book online or call your choice of office today.

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