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Healthy looking skin comes down to how your face reflects three key measures of health. Skin needs hydration, the single-most important factor behind healthy skin. The texture and tone of your skin can be smooth and bright or rough and dull. Pore size can reflect skin congestion. The team at Afzal Clinics in Woodbury, Edina, and Fridley, Minnesota, proudly offers HydraFacial® treatments to their clients seeking to improve the health and appearance of their skin. A 30-minute spa treatment that addresses each of those key measures of skin health, HydraFacial offers you a powerful revitalizing treatment without the downtime and recovery stages that more aggressive facial procedures require. Effective yet gentle To get rejuvenating action happening in your skin, treatments like chemical peels, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion introduce controlled damage to trigger new tissue growth in the middle and outer layers of your skin. While effective, you’re on the sidelines as your skin recovers. In practice, HydraFacial resembles microdermabrasion, but instead of sanding away at your skin to jump-start new tissue development, HydraFacial’s cleanse-and-peel step exfoliates with a much more gentle process that uses suction to draw away loosened skin. You get the benefits of a peel without the attendant damage of dermabrasion. Simultaneously clean and hydrate Exfoliation clears your skin of the raw materials of pore cloggers, but what about those that already show signs of plugging? HydraFacial has you covered. The applicator tip loosens dirt and oils at the pore level. At the same time, the applicator delivers moisturizers at an intermediate stage when other treatments are still roughing up your skin. It’s another way that HydraFacial delivers skin health benefits gently. Infuse and protect The final stage of your HydraFacial treatment features serum boosters selectively chosen for your skin type and condition. The bountiful moisturizing effects of HydraFacial continue, and the boosters target specific skin conditions, such as lines, wrinkles, large pores, and dull skin. A lunchtime facial Unlike dermabrasions and heavy chemical peels, HydraFacial is the perfect midday aesthetic procedure. You can schedule with confidence knowing that your treatment won’t interfere with your day. There’s no downtime after your appointment and no need to hide your face from the world while you recover. HydraFacial’s benefits emerge over time, though many patients notice immediate improvements. As a monthly addition to your skin care regimen, HydraFacial starts to stimulate new collagen tissue in your skin’s middle layer, a protein matrix that adds volume and youth to your appearance, one of the ultimate goals of many revitalizing skin health procedures. Behind the popularity It’s estimated that a HydraFacial treatment happens somewhere in the world every 15 seconds. The reasons behind this amazing popularity are clear. People of any age, condition, and skin type can benefit due to the innate customizability. Despite its flexibility, HydraFacial also delivers consistent results. You see the same beneficial outcomes time after time. Find out more about HydraFacial by scheduling a consultation with the nearest location of Afzal Clinics, by phone or online. It’s an easy way to add glow and refinement ahead of the summer season. Book your session now.

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