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Lost volume is responsible for many of the signs of aging that show on your skin. Juvéderm® is a popular line of injectable dermal fillers that effectively restores volume to diminish those signs of aging for a smoother, younger, more vibrant appearance. At Afzal Clinics in Fridley and Edina, Minnesota, Kamran Afzal, MD, knows how physical enhancements can transform your confidence and the way you feel about yourself. Here, we explain what injectable fillers like Juvéderm can do for you. What are Juvéderm injectables and how do they work? When you’re young, your skin produces rich amounts of elastin, collagen, and hydrating substances that keep skin smooth, elastic, and plump. As you age, your face loses fat and produces less hydration, which can lead to visible lines and a sunken, aged appearance. Dermal fillers like Juvéderm use hyaluronic acid, a natural substance, to plump up parts of your face and restore lost volume. Water molecules can bond many times their weight in hyaluronic acid. Each Juvéderm injection lubricates skin and tissue while providing volume and support to problem areas of the face. What can Juvéderm do for me? Juvéderm injectables work to smooth away lines and fill in areas below the skin that have lost their youthful look. The variety of options in the Juvéderm line can:
Reduce wrinkles around your mouth
Boost volume in your cheeks
Plump up thin lips
Reduce lines between your nose and lips
Each Juvéderm filler is designed to address a specific area of your face that needs additional volume. Dr. Afzal creates a treatment plan specifically for you to help you look your best. Do Juvéderm injections hurt? Although no injection is absolutely painless, most patients tolerate dermal injections without any issues. A numbing agent is included in some Juvéderm injectables. To help with any possible discomfort, our team uses ice or a topical numbing ointment prior to treatment. The majority of patients report merely a minor pinch or sting. We use ultra-thin needles to inject Juvéderm, which helps minimize pain and bruising. What results can I expect from Juvéderm? One of the best parts about Juvéderm is that results are immediate. After your session, you may have some moderate swelling, which can last a day or two depending on the locations treated and the amount of injections you receive. You see the beautiful effects from your Juvéderm treatment once the swelling has gone down. How many treatments should I get? Because everyone’s aesthetic goals are different, the number of Juvéderm treatments required varies from patient to patient. The majority of people report positive benefits after just one session. Juvéderm results normally last around a year, while some patients report effects that last up to two years. The effects of Juvéderm fade over time, and you can simply arrange for a touch-up session to keep the desired results. If you’re ready for a nonsurgical way to combat the signs of aging and restore lost facial volume, you’re ready to discover the amazing, natural-looking results of Juvéderm. To learn more, call the office that’s convenient to you, or send an online request to schedule a consultation with Dr. Afzal today.

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