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Coolsculpting at Afzal Clinics is led by our inhouse medical director Kamran Afzal MD. Our Coolsculpting experts include Caitlyn Gresko and Meghan Lang.. Our clinics are located in Fridley, and Edina, Minnesota. Some patients need a combination of treatments for different areas of concern. Most patients do Coolsculpting but if needed we offer a combination of liposuction, thread lift, and/or Kybella.
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Many people have stubborn fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting® began as the world’s #1 solution for noninvasive fat removal, and CoolSculpting® ELITE builds on this legacy by forming to your natural curves to freeze even more fat in less time. Combining CoolSculpting® ELITE with your regular routine can minimize the appearance of those lingering bulges. Fat cells crystalize and die at 4° Celcius (C). CoolSculpting®️ ELITE brings the temperature as low as -11° C to penetrate several layers of fat cells beneath the surface of your skin. Once those fat cells are crystallized, they die and are gone for good*!

*Results vary, but on average 20-25% of fat is removed 🤩

For over 10 years, CoolSculpting®️ has pioneered controlled cryolipolysis technology worldwide, safely freezing fat cells for superior body contouring. With this proven foundation, Allergan®️ looked to the future to create CoolSculpting® ELITE – a truly elite experience in comfort, convenience and results. CoolSculpting®️ ELITE is redesigned from the ground up to freeze fat in 9 areas of the body. Every CoolSculpting®️ ELITE machine is equipped with two applicators for twice the sculpting power, and each applicator covers up to 18% more surface area with its innovative C-shaped design. CoolSculpting®️ ELITE is made to conform to your individual shape, capturing and eliminating more fat than ever before!

The retail cost of CoolSculpting®️ ELITE varies based on your individual goals and factors, such as the number of treatments received. The cost for treatment on multiple body areas can average $2,250, while treating single areas like the chin may cost under $1,400. With its dual applicators’ innovative design, CoolSculpting®️ ELITE freezes more fat in less time, with even better results! The only way to determine the exact price is to come in for a free consultation, so our experts can design a treatment plan that meets your personal goals.

Yes! Once fat cells are destroyed with CoolSculpting®️ ELITE and removed from the body, they can’t be regenerated. Each time you treat an area with CoolSculpting®️ ELITE, you can expect an average of 20-25%* reduction. And the best part is CoolSculpting®️ ELITE is safe to do multiple times to one area if you want more reduction!

*Results vary based on individual.

No! There is no required downtime after a CoolSculpting®️ ELITE procedure. However, some may experience discomfort in the treatment site like cramping, numbness, slight swelling and tingling. Given the lack of downtime, some patients even come in during their lunch break!

Like CoolSculpting®️, CoolSculpting®️ ELITE is a safe, noninvasive treatment. Take a brand new ice pack out of the freezer and place it on your bare skin – that is what the procedure will feel like. Some get a minor burning or tingling sensation that goes away after a few minutes, a lot like when you put your cold hands into warm water.

After each application is done, your specialist will perform a 2 minute manual massage to help break down the crystallized fat cells and bring the temperature back to normal. This can feel slightly uncomfortable, but will quickly subside. Within minutes, your body will not show signs of treatment.

Yes! We routinely offer combination treatments for the best results and efficient use of your valuable time! We have multiple treatment rooms to ensure clients can be seen during their busy schedules.

A typical candidate for CoolSculpting®️ ELITE will likely need 1-2 treatments to a given area. We offer free consultations to better assess the areas you would like to treat.

Your free CoolSculpting®️ ELITE consultation will take about 30-40 minutes, and we’ll provide a specific treatment plan and price estimate. Once you’re determined to be a good candidate for CoolSculpting®️ ELITE, we can likely treat you that same day!

Results can be seen in as little as 4 weeks, but the best results are seen in 2-3 months. Some results can take up to 6 months to fully develop.

Like CoolSculpting®️, there are typically no side effects from CoolSculpting®️ ELITE. However, some people may feel temporary tingling, numbness, tenderness, bruising or swelling in the treated area. Treated areas may become slightly flushed post treatment for a period of up to one hour. Typical risks are a minor chance of temporary bruising, swelling and numbness to the treated area. These side effects are transient and should completely resolve with time.

Chances are, you have some “problem areas” that don’t respond to diet and exercise. These fat deposits likely contain more fat cells than surrounding areas, and they may not be a sign you need to lose additional weight. CoolSculpting®️ ELITE is the ideal solution for this reason – you can target stubborn fat without having to go through strenuous, invasive procedures.

When the average adult* gains weight, their fat cells simply expand like balloons – likewise, losing weight means these cells shrink. Once treated with CoolSculpting®️ ELITE, the number of fat cells in a problem area is permanently reduced. With repeated treatments, fat deposits can be eliminated to a minimal or almost fully removed state. Once destroyed, the body’s natural processes safely and painlessly remove dead fat cells from targeted treatment areas.

*May exclude cases of medical weight concerns, such as obesity.

Just like any other dead cell in your body, the destroyed fat cells are processed out naturally through digestion, metabolization and the lymphatic drainage system. You will not be able to see these cells being excreted or feel any differently – just sit back and watch as your relationship with your mirror grows stronger!

Generally healthy individuals around 20-30 pounds or less from their goal weight who are looking to treat areas of stubborn fat. Those above 30 pounds may still receive CoolSculpting®️ ELITE – however, more treatments may be needed to achieve a peak result. Those who are closer to 50+ pounds over their goal weight or are not qualified for CoolSculpting®️ ELITE may benefit from alternative body contouring solutions.

When you decide to treat with CoolSculpting®️ ELITE, the ideal applicators are chosen for each treatment area depending on its size and location. CoolSculpting®️ ELITE’s applicators are designed with a new C-shape that allows for better tissue contact on all 9 areas of the body. Your specialist will apply these applicators to the appropriate treatment area, such as the CoolMini to the chin, and they will remain through the duration of the treatment (usually 35-45 minutes).

When these applicators are placed on, a vacuum-like suction pulls and holds the fat in a tissue cup, which then brings the temperature down gradually to -11° C. That’s right, your fat will be frozen solid! This stimulates a process called apoptosis, which is a programmed cell death. No other cells or organs are harmed, just the subcutaneous fat! When the treatment is complete, your specialist will provide a manual massage to further break down the fat cells by as much as 68%! Your treatment area will return to its normal state after the massage – so you won’t be walking out with a block of ice!

CoolSculpting®️ ELITE is an FDA-cleared cryolipolysis treatment for noninvasive fat reduction, innovating on the best of CoolSculpting®️ for superior results. Procedures like Velashape and Venus Freeze are “laser treatments” which shrink fat cells temporarily. While you may see a reduction in the appearance of fat deposits, there is no sustained damage to the fat cells. CoolSculpting®️ ELITE, like its predecessor, eliminates fat cells for good – it shares CoolSculpting®️’s patent for freezing fat cells at -11° C, a process proven by rigorous Harvard-based studies to be the temperature at which multiple layers of fat cells crystalize, and therefore die.

Yes! We often have same day availability for treatments!

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