Patient Care Coordinator

What is a patient care coordinator:

Insurance is a ever changing world. From rising deductibles to resetting deductibles, navigating through in network to out of network providers etc. Our patients prefer us for the better experience and excellent all under one roof care.

Our patients have a constant source of comfort during their care at our clinic. May that be Insurance based varicose vein treatment, high deductible plans, HSA, care credit or Cash Liposuction patients. They always have one person to go to and that is Connie. She will hold their hand till the treatment is complete. She is involved from estimating the cost of care, getting exact benefits from the insurance companies, explaining the benefits to the patients and using financial tools like care credit and in house financing to help patient get the care they need and deserve.

Connie has over 27 years of experience working in all aspects of the clinic setting from scheduling and billing to accounting and insurance. She loves being part of the team that works to improve the quality of life for our patients. Connie has worked in the insurance part of the industry for many years and has spent countless hours working through the maze of insurance benefits and approvals.

When we say a patient care coordinator we mean a person with a heart as big as the ocean who will go to bat for the patient every time. She specializes in

  • High deductible plans. The new upcoming plans for insurance are either too expensive of have high deductibles. A lot of our patients have $10000 out of pocket expenses. In most cases we can offer cash prices that keep the cost low for the patients. Of course there are guidelines we follow based on medicare medicaid rules and our insurance contracts.
  • HSA plans This is an excellent option for patients who have high deductibles. Connie helps navigate the HSA accounts before treatment.
  • In-house financing and Care Credit. We do offer in house financing for medical treatment. For cosmetic treatment we offer care credit. Connie will do an estimate before you sign up for treatment. We have a very good track record of sticking to the cost estimate and getting excellent results


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