What Is A Medical Spa? Expectations Vs. Reality

What Is A Medical Spa? Expectations Vs. Reality

At some point, most of us find ourselves in need of medical treatment. How many times have you made an appointment with a medical provider, dreading the thought of being in a cold room, in a thin gown, waiting uncomfortably for the doctor to come in and take care of you? This scenario has been the only option until the advent of medical spas. What is a medical spa? Let’s break it down.

What Is A Medical Spa?

A med spa is a combination of an aesthetic medical center and a day spa that provides nonsurgical aesthetic medical services under the supervision of a licensed physician. Medical spas, also known as MedSpas or Medi-spas, are starting to gain popularity for people from all walks of life. A Medical Spa is a place you can go to get a range of medical treatments you need but in a day spa atmosphere rather than a doctor’s office setting.

Medi-spas were created to make sure that a client’s health needs are taken care of with the knowledge and expertise found in a traditional medical setting while also enveloping the client in a serene environment that has the potential to increase healing.

Much research has been done over the years examining complete wellness of mind and body as an aid to faster healing. A medical spa offers just that: professional treatment for your body and top-grade relaxation for your soul.

What Does a Medical Spa Offer?

at med spa women laying down and receiving a chemical peel treatment to face and chest
Afzal Clinics Med Spa

So, what services can a MedSpa include? Most medical spas deal with treating skin problems, such as severe acne, discoloration, sun damage, and other issues related to the skin that are beyond the help of a simple facial peel or mud mask. Visit our MedSpa page at Afzal Clinics to learn more about each med spa service

Day spas are very popular for facials to maintain skin health. MedSpas evolved from the idea that the same type of atmosphere should be available for those needing more medical grade skin treatment. Because of this, medical spas have begun to multiply in the medical community and likely will continue to see rapid growth.

Benefits of Medical Spa

women receiving Botox at medical spa, what is a medical spa
What Is A Medical Spa?

Many people don’t realize that the skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It is the first line of protection from outer elements and needs to be taken care of. In addition to the physical health benefits of vibrant skin, there are mental health benefits as well. Feeling good about their appearance helps many people feel confident and strong.

One reason medical spas have grown in popularity is that they give their clients a place to go to receive medical treatment for skin issues, without the stigma of walking in and out of a dermatologist’s office. The Medi-spa experience has the potential to boost the self-esteem of a teenager with severe acne issues while giving them the medical attention they need to help correct the problem.

Not only do medical spa clients receive treatments they need in a relaxed setting, but they also receive the benefit of medically-based skin education. Most MedSpas even offer medical grade skin care products for purchase.

And depending on the spa, the client may be able to enjoy the traditional day spa experiences of massage therapy, facials, and seaweed wraps as well.

MedSpas offer a fantastic opportunity for all-around mind and body treatment. They combine the doctor’s office and the day spa into a one-stop shop that offers wonderful healing.

Different from a Non-medical Spa

women in towel receiving a spa treatment

So what makes a medical spa so much different than a day spa? A facial is just a facial, right? No. All facials are not alike. Each type of spa can offer different levels of treatment.

A traditional day spa can offer a specific set of skin care options and procedures, but they are limited by the knowledge of their practitioners and are thereby limited in what they can do for their clients.

A medical spa employs a licensed physician who either does the medical grade procedures or oversees them. This means that you can expect the same level of medical care that you would receive in a doctor’s office, something a day spa cannot offer.

Even though medi-spas came into existence to offer a more relaxed atmosphere, their main focus is on the results of the medical treatments they provide.

What Is A Medical Spa? What to Expect

what is a medical spa, women laying down receiving laser treatment

In true spa fashion, you can expect to feel calm and relaxed as you walk through the door. The MedSpa experience is not like a traditional visit to the doctor’s office.

If you are in need of medical skin care, the doctors perform or oversee treatments such as injections, invasive therapy, or laser therapy.

An aesthetician is a person trained in non-medical skin care therapy, such as body scrubs, non-invasive chemical peels, facials, wraps, and facial massage. Both day spas and MedSpas may employ aestheticians, but they likely will have different levels of training.

The feelings of calmness and serenity set the MedSpa experience apart from other medical visits you may have had in the past. Choosing a medical spa is a new way of getting medical treatment in a peaceful setting that that strives to focus on you as a whole.

If going to a medical spa is starting to entice you, know that getting the best experience is in your hands.

If you are going to spend your time and money at a medi-spa, make sure to take advantage of the traditional day spa offerings there, too. You can get your chemical peel done anywhere. Why go to a medical spa if you are not going to enjoy the relaxation of the health spa aspects?

Look at what the medical spa has to offer as a whole and take advantage of what they have to offer. You may not have the medical knowledge to understand what medical treatments you need, but you can guide your relaxation and mental wellness during your visit.

There may be times when you need medical treatment for skin issues. Your mind and esteem may need care as well during these times. For more information about MedSpa treatments and offerings, contact Afzal Clinics. You’ll be glad you did.

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