Laser Resurfacing

Deep resurfacing eliminates lines using Contour TRL to easily knock down fine lines for an even, smooth result. This powerful combination of tools are the industry standard for addressing moderate to deep lines around the mouth and the eyes (i.e. crow’s feet) areas. This also gives us the opportunity to also address sagging skin in facial areas such as cheeks and lower eyelids. Finally, Sciton’s erbium technology allows us titrate treatment protocols specifically for your particular skin type.

Laser Resurfacing | Afzal Clinics
2 months after 1 laser resurfacing treatment.

We perform Laser resurfacing, in the office, under local anesthesia. It takes about 1-2 weeks for skin to heal and 2-3 months for final results. Treatment protocols include skin care regimen based on your skin type. Call us to find out more.