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Up to 80% of the population experience acne, and 20% within that group have scars from acne blemishes that form on skin that’s not yet healed from an earlier pimple. The results can be bumps, pits, and skin discoloration. Without treatment, many acne scars are permanent. Choosing the team at Afzal Clinics for your acne scar treatment offers you more than just a single solution. We offer a wide range of skin treatments, each of which minimizes the appearance of acne scars, among their many benefits. To start the conversation with your skin care specialist, here are some highlights from our list of acne scar treatments. HydraFacial A proprietary skin treatment that combines microdermabrasion with specially formulated skin serums, HydraFacial® provides the deep exfoliation that’s needed to clear the conditions that often cause acne. Since prevention is always the best way to stop scarring, consider HydraFacial if you still have active acne outbreaks. Halo laser Laser skin resurfacing with the Halo® laser attacks a wide range of skin conditions and, for the patient with acne scars, this hybrid fractional laser addresses skin discoloration and pitted scars, two of the most embarrassing reminders that acne leaves behind. SkinPen Another microneedling modality, SkinPen® also produces dramatic improvements in acne scar appearance by stimulating the growth of additional collagen and elastin tissue in your skin’s middle layers. As you heal from the tiny, controlled microscopic “injuries” that the SkinPen induces, overall skin tone improves as your scars start to fade. BBL photofacial Another treatment that helps to neutralize active acne outbreaks, broadband light (BBL) photofacials use a wide spectrum of wavelengths to restore healthy skin tone. As well as slowing the progression of active acne, BBL treatments also reduce the appearance of older acne scarring. Dermal fillers While many dermal filler injections use passive gels to fill voids in your skin including acne scars, Afzal Clinics offers Sculptra® poly-L-lactic acid products. As well as physically filling an acne scar pit, Sculptra stimulates collagen growth so the scar begins to fill permanently. Zo Skin Health If active outbreaks raise your concerns about acne scarring, Zo® Skin Health has products to help clear your skin for acne prevention. You may also be interested in their three-step peel for overall skin health and aging reversal. PDO threadlifts Smooth-thread PDO lifts stimulate mid-level collagen production in your skin. As a new collagen matrix forms, existing voids that create acne pitting scars are backfilled by the new tissue. Fresh collagen also attracts moisture and nourishment to all skin levels for overall revitalization. With these options and more, choose Afzal Clinics as your one-stop destination for all skin revitalization treatments, including those dedicated to reducing the appearance of acne scars. Call or click to book a consultation with the most convenient of our three clinics in Woodbury, Edina, and Fridley, Minnesota. Find out more about the best treatments, alone or in combination, for your skin conditions. Leave your embarrassment behind and schedule a session now.

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