Restore Your Skin With the Power of Light

Restore Your Skin With the Power of Light

Do you have skin imperfections you try to hide with makeup? Maybe you have thought about fractional resurfacing or another service to help your skin look better but shy away at the cost or recovery time.

At Afzal Clinics, our medspa offers a treatment that has gotten rave reviews across the country and around the world for its effectiveness and quick recovery. Halo™ is an excellent alternative to more traditional skin treatments.

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What Is Halo™?

Traditionally, skin rejuvenation treatments have offered great results with extended downtime or average results with a fast recovery. Halo™ combines the best of both worlds. Patients notice fantastic effects and can be back to their everyday routine within a day or two.

Halo™ delivers both ablative (tissue removal) and non-ablative (no tissue removal) light wavelengths to the same treatment area. The laser can be applied to specific depths to encourage new collagen development and improve your skin’s texture. By using two wavelengths, you get optimal results with the least amount of downtime.

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What Are the Benefits of a Halo™ Treatment?

Halo™ treats skin damage that is visible on the surface as well as the deeper, subcutaneous damage you cannot see. The benefits do not stop when you walk out of the door of your doctor’s office—your skin will continue to improve as it heals.

What Can Halo™ Treat?

Halo™ has become popular because it addresses many different skin issues, including the following:

Pigmentation Concerns

Age spots, sun spots, moles, and melasma occur when the body produces too much melanin. Halo™ can target pigment cells and destroy them, eliminating uneven pigmentation and providing a more even complexion.

Skin Revitalization

Aging can bring unwanted changes to the skin in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, rough texture, or a dull tone. Halo™ can remove the outer layers of damaged skin while also stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers to give you skin that looks refreshed and youthful.


As a natural part of the body’s healing process, scars may shrink in size or change appearance, but they may not completely disappear. They may also become unwelcome reminders of a past condition or surgery. Halo™ can resurface the skin to reduce the appearance of scars.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for a Halo™ Treatment?

Your candidacy for treatment with Halo™ will depend on your needs and preferences. Typically, the ideal candidate is in good health, is between 30 and 60 years old, has fair skin, and wishes to address problems with texture, lines, and discoloration.

Halo™ treatments are most often performed on the face, though they can also be administered to the hands, neck, chest, or shoulders.

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What to Expect During and After Treatment

Halo™ treatments typically last around 90 minutes. When you arrive for your appointment, a numbing cream will first be applied for your comfort.

As the Halo™ handpiece is rolled over your skin, the laser energy causes a thermal reaction that stimulates collagen production and tightens the underlying tissues. The ablative wavelengths will create tiny channels in your skin that trigger the body’s healing response, which increases cell turnover.

Most patients report little to no discomfort during or after the procedure. You may notice a warm or prickling sensation, which can last for up to 30 minutes after the treatment.

You will be given detailed instructions for the care of your skin after treatment. Proper sun protection is important, especially in the first 24 hours after treatment.

After 24 hours, your skin may begin to peel. In two to three days, your skin will be a light bronze color. Around day three or four, your skin will peel more, and you will begin to see your healthy, revitalized skin.

You will see the initial results after four or five days. However, your skin will improve as time passes. Many patients report the best results in about three weeks.

One of the best parts of Halo™ is how long the effects last. You should notice the benefits for years. However, be sure to always use sun protection to prolong your results.

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