Fillers in the Minneapolis, MN Area

As we get older, the lines deepen between the mouth and nose, lips thin and cheeks become hollow. Today’s approach uses dermal fillers as a safe, non-surgical way to restore lost volume and youthful facial contours. The artful eye and understanding of how our faces age allows her to customize treatments to your individual needs, ensures achieving beautiful, natural-looking results.

Benefits of Fillers

  • Immediate, long lasting results that enhance your natural beauty.
  • Cheek fillers give you the fresh youthful appearance.
  • Under Eye fillers helps get rid of under eye circles.
  • Lip Filler completes the picture of a radiant you.
  • Hand Fillers help restore the youthful appearance of your hand.

Dr Afzal uses Juverderm, Radiesse and Restylane line of fillers. Specific fillers are better for specific areas of the body, one shoe doesn’t fit all. Call 612-789-8346 for an appointment.

Frequently asked Questions:

Dermal fillers are injectable gels made from hyaluronic acid, a substance made from sugar molecules and found naturally in our bodies. At LiposuctionMN medical spa we use Juvéderm® and Restylan®, leading brands of hyaluronic acid fillers that have longstanding track records for safety and for the natural look they provide when expertly injected.

Dermal fillers are injected under the skin using a fine needle. Commonly treated areas include lips, cheeks, under the eyes and the lines between the nose and mouth. At Metro Vein and Cosmetic Surgery we pre-treat areas to be injected with a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort, and some of the fillers we use also contain lidocaine, which makes injections virtually painless.

The effects from dermal filler injections are immediate and impressive. Improvements resemble a facelift, but without the unnatural pulled appearance surgical facelifts can cause. You’ll sometimes hear dermal filler treatments referred to as a “liquid facelift.” Results can last between six and eighteen months as the product is slowly broken down and absorbed by the body.

Side effects can vary from patient to patient but include mild swelling and occasionally bruising, which generally subside within a few days. Touchups are sometimes done after one or two weeks as results settle.