Compression Vein Treatment in Minneapolis

Compression Vein Treatment in Minneapolis

Compression Vein Treatment in Minneapolis, MN Area

Compression legwear aids in leg healing after vein procedures. It also helps with the prevention of venous disorder progression and general leg health.

At Afzal Clinic, we provide Sigvaris compression garments, which use gradient compression. This type of compression applies the most pressure at the ankle and then gradually lessens the pressure up the length of the leg. This helps to direct the flow of blood in your veins back to your heart.

Four compression levels are available, and custom items can be ordered in any compression level and size.

Styles of compression legwear include knee high, thigh high, waist high, maternity and chaps. Sigvaris offers several fabric and color choices for both men and women, as well as active wear compression.

While compression stockings are generally recommended, there are a few contraindications to wearing them. Do not wear compression stockings if you have severe arterial insufficiency, congestive heart failure, skin infections, red or sensitive skin, hardening of the skin, or untreated leg ulcers. If you cannot tolerate compression legwear because of sensitivity to material, impaired sensitivity of the limb, or if you are bedridden, notify us and we will determine alternate options for you.

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