Why do varicose veins itch

Varicose vein’s cause itching because of the complication of varicose veins known as venous stasis dermatitis. What does that really mean. Lets back up a little, simplify it  and look at the bigger picture.


Why itching?

The heart pumps the blood, the blood goes in the liver, kidneys, legs etc. The veins bring the blood back to the heart.  In the legs the veins are going against gravity. The veins in the legs have these one-way valve that prevents the block from falling back down towards the feet with the force of gravity.


Because of age, hormones, genetics and a multitude of other factors, these valves break and the blood starts to back up towards the feet. This leads to the blood pooling around the feet. Over time this blood slowly leaks out of the blood vessels. As you are well aware that the blood has hemoglobin.  Hemoglobin has iron and iron is an irritant. That is what leads to inflammation irritation and itching.

Venous Stasis Treatment in Minneapolis, MN Area

What to look for when dealing with itching:
  1. Having blue ropey veins and/or spider veins on the legs and have itching around the ankles or calf
  2. Having blue ropey veins and/or spider veins on the legs and have itching on the veins
  3. Still don’t have an answer? Call us to make an appointment at 612.789.8346
The Fix:

This is is an easy problem to fix at Metro Vein. For patient who decides not to have treatment now, the itching caused by Varicose veins would only get worse over time and may require more treatment. We offer free vein screening appointments, you can talk to our RN and she can walk you through the process.

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