New Liposuction appointment

We believe that compassionate care, communication of expectations and possible results and outcomes, leads to better care and excellent patient satisfaction. We believe that a patient should have enough time with the doctor and the nurse involved with performing care before signing up for it. Nothing is routine at Metro vein and Cosmetic Surgery, everything is tailor made and hand crafted. You are special and your life is special  and we want results that are specially handcrafted for your expectations. This can only happen with communication of the patient’s wishes and the doctors capabilities. We have a lot of patients for liposuction who have not met the doctor performing the liposuction but have had the consults. We don’t understand how a patient can trust their life to someone they have never met. To us we feel that patients need a better option of getting care and we will not do liposuction without an actual consult with our experts. Come and see the difference.


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