I see veins but should they be treated? Why?


I have a problem but I don’t have a problem?

Two common complaints we get from patient’s previous experience at getting their veins treated are as follows:

“I have these big ropey veins and some spider veins on my legs. I went to my primary care doctor and my doctor says that that I don’t have a problem”. Or

“I have these big ropey veins and some spider veins on my legs. I went to my primary care doctor and he sent me to a Vein Clinic. The Vein Clinic doctor says that that I don’t have a problem”.

What do I do?

I think you are having incomplete conversations with your doctor. These are the follow up questions you should ask your doctor:

  1. Is there a medical reason why my veins should not be treated?
  2. Will insurance cover my vein treatment?
  3. If the insurance won’t cover the treatment, would they cover part of the vein treatment?
  4. How much would it cost to treat my legs where they feel and look good (remember both feeling better and looking better are important)

Understanding your needs is our number one priority. Once we know what you are looking for, we can discuss solutions to get you to goal. Most patients have incomplete conversations with their doctors about varicose veins and spider veins. We encourage our patients to discuss the results they are looking for. There are no small or less important problems in our clinic. We know the importance of a clear understanding of your need accompanied with a clear understanding of the results we can achieve. This will lead to a better out come and a happier you.

If the insurance would not cover treatment, most doctors by habit would be more reluctant to recommend treatment. It is your job to convey to the doctor how important this is to you. Only go to a Vein Clinic that can give you estimate of treatment (your cost) based on the results you are looking for. This means an estimate of your cost for the medical part of the treatment and an estimate of your cost for the cosmetic part of the treatment.

To make this slightly less confusing there are a couple of things going on. You have veins that you see our veins that feel bad or a combination of both. You want them fixed. There are excellent solutions for varicose veins leading to really good results (your leg can look and feel great again).

When your doctor says, your treatment is covered by your insurance policy you need to know the following:

Most of the time part of the treatment would be covered by the insurance policy and part of the treatment would be an out of pocket expense. I will say this again, you need to know what your out of pocket cost will be for the medical part of treatment and the cosmetic part of treatment. Remember, even if the treatment is not covered by your insurance policy they may still be able to be covered by your HSA plan.

Our patient experience is different than other places. We do the initial evaluation, we hear your story and your concerns. Then we examine your legs, do a brief ultrasound exam of the veins. We evaluate your symptoms, your disease, your goals of treatment, your insurance policy regarding vein treatment. Our patients generally get a package plan in which both the medically necessary insurance and HSA cost and the cosmetic cost is included. Our patients do not have added costs or unknown costs after they buy into the package. It’s a one-time payment with no extra costs attached to it. For example, this patient would probably pay $3200 for the results that you see it wouldn’t matter to her if the insurance covered it or not. We would still file it with insurance and collect whatever they give us but our patient has a fixed cost. This cost would include all medical and cosmetic treatment for the leg veins.

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