If you have a $5000 or more deductible you need to call us first.

If you have a $5000 or more deductible you need to call us first.

  •  If your deductible is $5000 or more you are better off coming to us than going to another provider. We specialize in these high deductible plans and HSA plans. Our patient care coordinators help you navigate through the insurance maze.
  • We offer Saturday appointments
  • Highly reviewed clinic, our reviews speak for the quality of our work
  • Unprecedented direct access to our specialists, their focus is your goals of treatment.

We specialized in treatment of Varicose Veins. Our Clinics are located in Fridley, Burnsville and Edina. Varicose vein patients generally have some of the following symptoms

  •  Leg pain
  • Leg swelling
  • Aching leg
  • Bulging veins
  • Restless leg syndrome.

Most patients with vein disease will see blue veins, bulging veins, spider veins. There may be phlebitis ( red, hard, painful varicose veins ), skin discoloration near or around the ankles or skin breakdown mostly at the ankles. (also known as leg ulcer). Its possible that your doctor would diagnosed you with varicose veins or venous stasis. This very common disease can be treated using Laser (EVLA) or RF ablation ( Radiofrequency ablation/VNUS), Sclerotherapy, Stab phlebotomy and we are experts in the above.

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